Monday, January 26, 2009

Tzero responds to Wireless Networking panel follow up

Thank you Dave Borison with Tzero Technologies for participating on the Wireless Networking panel at the CONNECTIONS Summit at CES.

For purposes of our blog, can you please reiterate the range at which your solution is most likely going to be used?

Typical usage is about 10 meters (within a room or two) although we show product demonstrations in our office of (a) 20 feet through two walls, and (b) line of sight to 40 meters

Can you explain “lossless compression”? How would you answer the criticism that you’re compromising the quality of the video with expensive and proprietary solutions?

Unlike the proprietary 60 GHz and 5GHz solutions, TZero’s solution is 100% standards compliant: It uses a WiMedia Alliance certified Ultra Wideband radio -- over 300 member WiMedia Alliance member companies, based on Ecma368 standard -- and an ITU compliant H.264 codec. In terms of video quality, we regularly demonstrate a side-by-side comparison of streaming 1080p60 video using a wired HDMI connection and TZero’s wireless video solution. Customers/press/analysts/consumers can not tell the difference between the wired and wireless link, proving beyond a doubt that TZero’s commercially available solution does not degrade video quality.

As a follow-up, is “wireless HDMI” really a term that can and should be used to describe these solutions?

“Wireless HDMI” is a term used fairly widely in the industry by press/analysts/consumers, and it describes these products well (just as “Wireless Ethernet” describes the 802.11 products well). That said, the HDMI Licensing LLC has a trademark on the word HDMI, and prefers that alternate terms such as “Wireless for HDMI” or “HDMI Wireless Extender” are used instead

What are we realistically looking at for BoM costs to implement your solutions? What is your expectation going forward for where we’ll see the BoM costs?

TZero’s BOM cost is ~$100/set in volume, and we expect it to reach sub-$50/set within the next 12-18 months

How does your solution play internationally in light of regulatory or other restrictions?

TZero’s solution has passed regulatory certification and can be shipped in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Additional regulatory agencies around the world (e.g., China, Korea, etc.) are also drafting regulations that will permit the use of our products in their regions as well
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